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Application Sectors

  • Mining


    The mining of mineral resources is practiced in almost all the countries of the world, an activity that has important economic, environmental, labor and social repercussions in the countries or regions in which it is practiced and at a global scale, representing a significant part Of its GDP in many cases.

    The action and prevention against mining accidents is one of the most necessary objectives in the mining activity, with social, environmental and productive responsibility. ALERT24 becomes a necessary tool for security management in emergency situations, rescues, incidents or accidents

  • Industrial

    Critical Infrastructures
    The industrial sector presents its own risks associated with its economic activity (such as explosions, fires, leaks, etc.), as well as threats common to all sectors (natural disasters, strikes, etc.); These risks and threats are fixed in the emergency plans and self-protection of each facility. Every industry needs to have a reliable tool to guarantee the safety of its own personnel, protect the environment, its infrastructures, business continuity, nearby people or localities, and also integrate with the existing alerting and communication systems In the industrial plant.

    ALERT24 ayuda a los clientes industriales a la gestión de alertas y comunicación información de emergencias, así como la coordinación con colectivos externos a la propia infraestructura en caso necesario como 112/911 o municipios.
  • Business

    Business Continuity (BCP)

    An interruption of operations (in finance, retail, insurance, etc.) entails large economic losses in the corporate sector. Corporations often have risk management systems that must be supplemented with means to alert employees effectively and safely and be able to convene the crisis committee, in order to minimize the impact of failures.

    ALERT24 allows professional crisis management for large corporations, collaborating in the prevention and post-analysis of different situations such as IT contingencies, failure of supplies, evacuations, assaults or robberies, among other threats.

  • Transportation

    Aviation, Ports, Subway, Railway

    The means and transport companies are responsible for their passengers, goods, own staff or external collaborating companies (such as handling, fuel, etc.), so the centers of control in transport centers need to react in a matter of seconds in case of critical situations (Such as accidents, meteorology, assaults, etc.) that can affect business operations and security.

    ALERT24 operates permanently to maintain the ability to react and act in emergency situations in the control center to alert groups or specific personnel by sending notifications about the emergency in a massive way, integrating with other information or communication systems.

  • Energy

    Generation, Storage and Transportation
    The generation, storage and distribution of energy is a strategic sector in all countries and economic activities. Risks and threats Control (industrial, technological, fire, supply delays, sabotage, accidents, leaks, etc.) and the effective communication of information in emergency situations are key to this sector.

    ALERT24 offers the ideal solution for this type of crisis situations allowing our client to maintain the highest level of security, protection of people and critical infrastructures, as well as business continuity.
  • Hospitals

    Food and Public Health Risks
    Hospital centers of any size and public health or food alert networks have very strict protocols for action in case of emergencies in the centers (such as evacuations), disasters or massive warning to the population due to public health risks.

    ALERT24 facilitates its risk management tasks for those responsible in the event of evacuation of patients and employees, in the face of the massive arrival of the injured or to follow the public health alert level.

Multinational Presence


Energy | Hydrocarbons


Corporate | Finance


Transportation | Aviation

ALERT24 is implemented in several regions (EU-EMEA and LATAM mainly) with systems installed in many countries.

We are able to offer the ALERT24 platform to clients located in any country of the world directly or through our network of specialized partners.

ALERT24 net (cloud services) provides service in more than 180 countries, with voice infrastructure in more than 50, with continuous growth.


Industry | Storage

Puertos del Estado

Transportation | Maritime


Industry | Manufacturing

What we offer

Leading solution

Crisis Management and Emergency Message Notification

ALERT24 enables the effective development of emergency plans, managing the crisis and massively issuing multichannel alert messages to coordinate groups or interconnect the systems involved in each emergency situation.

The analysis module enables the crisis management process to be improved by measuring the communication and response time of different groups and individuals. The incident module allows monitoring and documenting each phase of the emergency procedure in each case.

Consult all ALERT24´s functionalities for the different solutions available.

Continuity | Collective Coordination

Alerts | Warn | Measure | Analyze | Improve
ALERT24 Is the necessary solution in organizations to ensure the continuity and coordination of people or systems facing critical situations through the execution and control of security protocols.

  • #1 Leading provider of crisis and alert management systems
  • 99,99% solution availability solution
  • Projects on 3 continents
  • Service available in 180 countries
  • Cluster georedundant infrastructure

Main Systems

ALERT24 net


SaaS flexible

ALERT24´s virtual platform to provide crisis management cloud services and alert notification to our customers


Low initial investment

No data infrastructure or customer communications required, ALERT24 costs based on usage as a service


Certified Datacenter

Web-based service for managing ALERT24, activating alerts and massively sending alert messages


Assured contact

Mass emergency notification messages via cloud trough voice, SMS, APP's, data, radio, and email simultaneously


ALERT24 integrates with the client's system for activating or communicating alerts even as a cloud solution:

  • Voice and telephony communications systems.
  • Industrial control systems and SCADA.
  • Telemetry systems.
  • Acoustic signal systems.

Multi platform


100% web based

Operational from any PC, Mac or mobile device


All systems

Windows, Linux, APP's, Android and iOS Servers

ALERT24 Is compatible with Windows and / or 64-bit Linux systems. Users can access the system through any web browser installed on their PC, Mac or from the APPs available for Android and iOS.

About us

For more than 20 years VOID Sistemas has been a technology supplier for critical communications environments, control centers, the public sector, industries, corporations and contact centers. ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

The company has its headquarters in Madrid (Spain), with presence in more than 20 markets of Europe, LatAm and the Middle East, where we have a wide base of systems installed. In addition, we have a network of certified partners that allows us to carry out the projects of our clients around the world.

Our Product Line:

❖ AURALL: Voice recording systems.
❖ ZEUX: TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solutions.
❖ ALERT24: Emergencie Management and alert notifications.

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